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The annual report for 1972. The report mentions the major move of the library to its new building on 7th and Vermont.

The annual report for 1971. The report mentions the progress made on the new building, community use of current services, and new services planned for the future.

The annual report for 1970. The report mentions the passage of the bond issue for a new library on March 3rd and subsequent plans made for the construction of the new building.

An advertisement advocating for a library expansion. It outlines the library's needs, the problems it faces, and the details of the projects, including the cost, proposed site, and possible advantages.

A brochure outlining the history and growth of the library, it's new needs, and the solution of constructing a new library building.

The annual report for 1969. The report outlines the timeline of events leading to the decision to place a bond issue on the ballot for the construction of a new library building.

The annual report for 1968. The report mentions improvements to the reference department and, as always, the woes of the Carnegie Building.

The annual report for 1967. The report mentions the increasing direness of the library's space issue.

The annual report for 1966. The report mentions new services, a minor controversy around the rejection of a book, and the increasing inadequacy of the Carnegie building to hold the library.

The annual report for 1965. The report mentions changes to the library, such as interlibrary loans, a new reference service desk and a State Library survey conducted to survey the needs of the library in 1965.

Pictures from the Lawrence Public Library's bazaar display.

The annual report for 1964. The report mentions the library's place in the community, its efforts at outreach, and new services.

A statement from the Lawrence Public Library Board of Directors of the objectives of the library. It outlines the dedication of the library to serving the community and providing useful services and reliable information.

A letter from library director Wayne Mayo presumably included in a welcome packet for newcomers to Lawrence. The letter invites new residents to visit the library and describes the kind of resources it offers.

The annual report for 1917. The report mentions the retirement of library director Edward Howard, a shortage of space, and improvements made upon the library.

The annual report for 1947. The report mentions the retirement of Lillian J. Constant after 28 years as head librarian. Also a robbery and improvements made to the library.

A short piece in the the Lawrence Journal-World announcing the election of Ralph van Handel, a University of Michigan graduate and WWII veteran, to the position of head librarian of the Lawrence Public Library.

An short article in the Lawrence Outlook announcing the retirement of Lillian J. Constant as head librarian of the the Lawrence Public Library. The article recounts her work in the library and the legacy she leaves behind.

An article in the Lawrence Journal-World announcing the retirement of Lillian J. Constant after 27 years as head librarian of the the Lawrence Public Library. The article recounts the major events of her tenure and the legacy she leaves behind.

The annual report for 1946. The report mentions the library's work with University of Kansas students.

The annual report for 1945. The report mentions the services the library offers.

The annual report for 1942. The report mentions the Sunflower Ordnance Works and library conditions during war.

The annual report for 1941. The report mentions the library's contribution to the war effort.

The annual report for 1939. The report mentions the work of the reference department and the children's department.
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